Saturday, August 17, 2019
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ECCOMAS Special Interest Conferences

Rules and conditions

It is unanimously agreed that the scheme of ECCOMAS scientific events, with ECCOMAS congress and conferences in even years, and with ECCOMAS TCs in odd years should be maintained in any case. In addition, there should be no competition with the large ECCOMAS events in the even years.

It is stated that TCs are to be held on an ECCOMAS topic in odd years in an European country by an European organizer. From this, the following definition of an ECCOMAS Special Interest Conference (SIC) was derived:

A SIC is a conference that is organized outside of Europe (whether in an odd or even year) with common interests of the organizing institution and ECCOMAS. Such a scientific event will be labelled as “ECCOMAS Special Interest Conference”.

The contribution of SICs to ECCOMAS are the same as for TCs (fees, approval, report etc).