The mission of ECCOMAS is to promote joint efforts of European universities, research institutes and industries which are active in the broader field of Numerical Methods and Computer Simulations in Engineering and Applied Sciences

Action Plan

Current and future activities :

  • Extend the positive momentum of ECCOMAS activities in the fields of Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics as well as Fluid Dynamics to other fields in the scientific spectrum of the association, such as for example Acoustics, Electromagnetics, Applied Physics and Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, etc.
  • Increase efforts on building more bridges between industry and academia by integrating contributions of industry and encourage the participation from academia to industry oriented meetings, e.g. user’s conferences, or, alternately, by organizing industrial-driven conferences; when applicable for specific technological fields, like for automotive industry, aeronautics, turbo-machinery, structural engineering, etc. Reactivate the Industrial Liaison Activity Committee.
  • Strengthen the role of the technical committees as working bodies in the individual fields within all ECCOMAS activities, such as promoting scientific discussions, developing visions in the field, nominating plenary and semiplenary lectures and organizing minisymposia at ECCOMAS Congresses and Conferences, proposing thematic conferences as well as advanced schools and courses and assisting in their organization, etc.
  • Increase the involvement of young investigators in the activities of ECCOMAS through participation in related tasks and decision processes, organization of future Young Investigator Conferences (YIC) and Olympiads, support  of corresponding young investigator meetings on national and regional levels, developments of summer schools as well as workshops, and courses, e.g. before and after conferences.
  • Enhance the involvement of scientists from the new countries of EU as well as from other European countries on the activities of  ECCOMAS . This can be achieved by the organization of scientific events in these countries and by facilitating the participation of young scientists to the activities of  ECCOMAS .
  • Enhance the cooperation of  ECCOMAS  with other European, regional and international organizations and scientific and technical societies with joint scientific and technological events.
  • Initiate activities for improving the European educational system by encouraging the cooperation between Universities for joint courses and for fostering the interdisciplinary study that computational modeling and simulation requires today.